by: Mike At Night

Q: How did you get to this point in your career?

A: I started singing in Spanish when I was 8. I grew up in a very Mexican neighborhood in Chicago, so “5 de mayo” was a big thing every year. When I got to high school I joined choir and started to audition for lots of singing shows. When I was 21 I moved to LA, and due to the recession I moved back two years later. I tried out for the xfactor in 2012 and made it to the live auditions, but that didn’t go the way I planned, so after that I kinda stopped singing until I met my producer Velvet Code and started working with him. He helped me discover the artist I am becoming and before you knew it it was 2 years later and I have my own album out.

Q: Before we get into the music, is there a story behind your tattoos?

A: The tattoo of the woman’s face on my right forearm is Jade Thirlwall from little mix. My brother mariobautista_ tattoo is a tattoo artist and he wanted to give me one for my birthday a few years ago, and since I’m obsessed with Jade, he created his own piece to start a sleeve dedicated to her. I also have the signatures of all 4 girls in the group on my wrist. We’re almost done with the Jade piece The one on my left forearm is a cool tattoo from Randy Candy honoring the best horror franchise “Nightmare on Elm Street” it incorporates different pieces from a few of the movies like the iconic syringe and meatball.

Q: About your music, what’s the inspiration behind the new album?

A: Initially it was supposed to be an EP, but we got on a roll and the ideas just kept on coming we wanted to show that I wasn’t a one trick pony and we could be versatile in the styles of music we were creating. We just wanted to put out a fun dance album. Every song has a different vibe or inspiration.

Q: Are there any specific songs with personal anecdotes?

A: “Belong” is one of my favorite songs. It was the first time I felt confident writing about some of the stuff people would laugh at me about and now people thank me that when hearing the song they felt seen.

Q: Is there a song on the album that holds a special meaning for you?

A: “Jaded” is a song about my obsession with Jade Thirlwall from the girl-group little mix. She’s an icon and the nicest celebrity I’ve ever partied with. I love everything about her.

Q: Did any local Chicago influences or experiences make their way into the album?

A: I work at Sidetrack and they have been super supportive with my music. They always find the time

to play my videos or talk about my music. I had my release party there and the turn out was great. I also filmed my music video for “Beautiful Life” at Cell Block, and it’s fun to watch people watch the video

and ask me unmmmm is that Cell Block? haha!

Q: If you could pick one song to introduce listeners to your new album, which would it be?

A: “Feed My Ego” is fun Latin-influenced dance song. Just about feeling yourself before going out to party. I also love “Belong” because it’s def an earworm with a great message.

Q: How did you feel on release day?

A: I remember when the video for “Belong” came out we were showing Drag Race at Sidetrack, and at the end they introduced my video and played it, and I didn’t know if I was gonna throw up or cry, but I still had to serve drinks, so I had to keep it together, but for the album release I was super nervous. More people showed up than I could dream of and it was alot of fun and I got to perform.

Q: What’s been the biggest highlight of your musical journey so far?

A: Probably all the obstacles I have overcome. I’m the shyest person who didn’t think I could ever write songs or perform anywhere and now I’m doing it and it’s been a great learning experience.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring musicians trying to make it in Chicago?

A: Work hard and save your money so you can give your audience high quality music even if it’s just one song. People will hear it and you will know it’s not your best and you’ll feel it. This career isn’t gonna come knocking on your door and give you an opportunity. You can ask anyone I know, I was headless chicken for the past two years trying to juggle all of it to get this album done.

Q: Are there any projects on the horizon?

A: Yup Velvet and I are already working on album #2 and you’re def in for a BIG surprise. This one will be a crazy journey but I think people will appreciate and love the hell out of this one.

Q: Fan Reaction: How have fans reacted to the new album so far?

A: Everyone loves the album and has different songs they got attached to, but the ones I’ve heard people like the most are “G.I.Joe,” “Belong,” “Jaded” and “Howl at the Moon.”

Q: Any personal anecdote?

A: Treat everyone with kindness. Don’t think you’re better than anyone because who knows, when your first impression of you ends up being the reason why they don’t care about helping you achieve your dreams.

Q: Looking ahead, what are your dreams and aspirations for your music career?

A: I would love to tour and make as many albums as I can. I definitely wanna go mainstream and perform the the best.

Q: What’s your go-to Chicago food after a long recording session or show?

A: I’m not gonna lie, I live for the street tacos on Halsted St. I get them any night they are out there.

They know me by name, haha.. but I do love the buffalo chicken wrap at Roscoe’s tavern.

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