No Agenda: Jaime Adrian delivers 12 fresh songs on his first album release

‘This has been such an amazing experience,’ says Adrian

Jaime Adrian releases the first album he’s written and recorded on Friday, January 26, bringing a sound that is “really fun and catchy.”

‘No Agenda’ is a 14-song release from Adrian, a Chicago resident, who delivers 12 songs that he wrote, along with a remix of ‘Feed My Ego’ and one cover song.

“So far, everyone really likes what they have heard, so I’m excited for everyone to hear the rest of the songs because they are very different from anything anyone has heard,” he said. “The thing that stands out the most about the album is that it’s really fun and catchy. Every song has its own vibe, but at the same time, it just works.

Adrian’s favorite is “Belong,” which he said is, “everyone’s anthem and it applies to so many people … and I made it really hard to sing.”

The album also features “Jaded,” a song Adrian wrote about his obsession with English singer/songwriter Jade Thirlwall. “It’s a tribute song,” he said. “She is one of my idols, so writing a song about my love for this goddess is the least I could do.”

Another song of note is “Howl At The Moon,” in which Adrian “(uses) Mother Nature as the bad guy who is trying to stop you from winning at life,” he said.

“If You Could Read My Mind” is Adrian’s cover of a 1990s dance song. “This song reminds me (of) fun times in life. Such a great beat and so much fun to sing along with,” he said. “I was shocked I was able to record it. The song is iconic, so I’m very thankful I got to do it.”

Adrian’s pop album shows that he was able to test his vocal ability – and pass. “I’ve always been too scared to go for it, but, with songs like G.I. Joe, Belong, Howl At The Moon and Jaded, I really go for those big notes and I’m very proud of them.”

Adrian is working on music videos for several of the songs from his album, including one filmed at Chicago’s Cell Block bar.

“This has been such an amazing experience,” to produce, he said. “I am so thankful for the people who have been there for me through the entire ride. Big shout out to Sidetrack, where I work, for helping me see the finish line and reminding me how important this. They made me take it seriously and now look at where we are at.”

Velvet Code produced all the tracks.

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